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Hashtag pretending to be sorry when I am in fact not sorry at all

i’m having some real problems


ok thanks

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Pray for South Korea

Tears are streaming down my face. I don’t care what your belief is, please send anything, even good vibes, to these kids because oh my god they are suffering so much. The water is muddy and it’s freezing and they are dying and they’re only seventeen.. 

These children are so scared.. desperately reassuring the world that yes, they are alive, please come for them. They’re messaging their little sisters, apologizing that they won’t be able to grant a request when they’re seconds away from death and just

oh.. oh my god. oh my fucking god words cannot describe the pain I’m feeling

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just girly things: reading gay fanfiction instead of talking to boys

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Most people are really nice but some stare, like you`re some kind of zoo exhibit and not a real person with real feelings. Even when you take away all the glamour and attention and premieres and everything, it still comes down to the fact that I’m acting.

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9x01 // 9x06 // 9x09 // 9x18

Long distance boyfriends~